To The Editor:

I recently read a couple of articles from the Speedway Navigator in which a few of the Speedway Residents oppose the Speedway Redevelopment Committee for taking prospective new Business Owners out for dinner or other occasions with alcoholic beverages being ordered and paid for by public funds.

I see nothing wrong with using public funds in this way to entice future business to the town as long as it is documented on expenses reports. I retired as a company representative in which I was required to take business clients out for meals frequently in which alcohol was ordered by the clients.

I can understand why some residents find this practice to be offensive because of their religious beliefs or other reasons, but the plain simple truth, this is the way America conducts business and most business men expect to be invited to dinner. In my experience I have found it almost impossible to conduct business with business clients in their office, their phones were constantly ringing and their time was limited, lunch was the most convenient time.

In my opinion it seems that the Speedway Navigator is biased and seems to print too many negative articles on the Speedway Redevelopment Committee.

I would hope that the majority of the Speedway Residents continue to support the SRC for the needed changes in this Great Town of Speedway and I would hope they stay the course and not be discouraged by the dissenters.

Special Thanks: to Scott Harris,Ron Fisher,Vince Noblet,Benny Grove and Steve Bishop

Jerry Urick