Dear Editor,

I feel the need to respond to Senator Cantorís remarks regarding the
Senateís debate on whether or not to reprimand Senator Joe Wilson for
his outburst during the Presidentís address to Congress last week.
Cantor stated that he could not understand why Congress was even having
a debate. He argued that a reprimand would not help pass new Health
Care Reform, keep America Safer, or reduce the National Deficit. I must
disagree with Senator Cantor. The BEHAVIOR demonstrated by Senator Joe
Wilson is the CENTER of the problem that obstructs progress when
Congress tries to get anything done. It is this base bantering that
makes American citizens distrust Congressís leadership. Therefore, this
behavior should be discouraged.

Unfortunately, the problem does not begin or end with our Congress. It
is the extremist views, and the extent to which people will go to voice
their side of a debate, that has resulted in uncivilized behavior. I am
saddened by the hostile language, demeaning posters, visibility of
weapons, and cruel slogans wielded by those who abuse our freedom of
speech and freedom to bear arms. Above the fray is a man who employs
the philosophy of Mahatma Ghandi to discourage this negative and
destructive behavior.

President Barack Obama eagerly forgives those who attack him, strives
to find common ground with those who resort to abusive behavior, and is
willing to risk his political career, and possibly his own safety, to
help those who canít fight the system alone. President Barack Obama has
demonstrated compassion, class, intelligence, wisdom, and patience when
others have demonstrated rudeness, cruelty, dishonesty, and abuse. I
admire Barack Obama. May God bless and protect him. We know what
happened to those whose example he follows.


Janet Van der Dussen