Dear Neighbors,

I have attached a new town ordinance that has already passed the first reading and it will affect Theresa & I immediately and possibly all of you on corner lots in the future. This new ordinance that changes an original ordinance on RV parking on properties only changes the rules for properties on corner lots which I feel discriminates against corner lot owners. Please pay attention to the amendment to section "D"

You can park your RV on your property if:

(D) or in the case of a residential unit located on a corner lot when (i) parked within a garage or other type of structure so as to be completelyenclosed from view, provided that the garage or structure is built in conformity with the building code of the town, then in effect or (ii) is parked along side any residential structure so as not to be visible from the intersecting street and does not encroach upon the front, rear or side setback lines of the lot or parcel of real estate upon which it is parked.

Obviously our lot is not large enough or laid out well enough for us to adhere to these guidelines. There is simply no place on our property we could park the boat during boating season that you could not see it.

Our only options are to:

1. Defeat this ordinance (achievable)

2. Sell the boat (never)

3. Rebuild the garage larger to accommodate the boat (assuming the town would approve) (not affordable)

4. Pay for offsite storage (not in the budget)

5. Leave the boat connected to the truck in the street and move it every so often (not good for you)

6. Find someone in speedway that is not on a corner lot that would let us park it on their property (not likely)

7. Move to a community that accepts family recreation (very much possible but we do not want to)

We are in a recession and to expect our neighbors (who can not afford to take vacations) shell out more earnings or move to a more family friendly area is plain awful. In the 60's when the economy was good our country boasted about having 2 cars in the garage and an RV in the yard.

What message is our town giving new homeowners who are thinking of moving here? Allowing an unsightly used tire store at the corner of 10th & Lyndhurst to display mounds of used tires on the street but I can not park my RV on my property. How will this affect you when you decide to sell your home? Will you lose sales to younger homeowners who like recreation? Will your local church not receive younger members that like recreation?

I am sorry this has gotten so long but Theresa and I love our neighborhood and our good neighbors. We also love our boat and do not want our boat (RV) to be an eyesore or lower your property values (as someone in another district has stated). We do not want to move so we are asking your help to keep Theresa and I your neighbors and friends.

1. Our first option is to defeat this ordinance; to do this it will take an effort from all of us. We must speak to our neighbors and we all must call our representative (Gary Raikes 241-9181) and voice your feelings on this ordinance and follow it through its cycle. We must do this before August 24 as it will come up for a second reading then and if passed will go into effect.

Too many of us sit back and let our town council make decisions that affect us as property owners without question. This is our town and our property, we need to be the ones deciding what we can and can not do in or on our property. Go to town meetings and vote.

Theresa and I are asking you to help us defeat this ordinance because we can not afford to keep our boat in storage and we do not want to move away from our friends.

Please help us defeat ordinance 1153

A story in the Speedway Navigator

Your friend and neighbor @ 14th & Allison

Don & Theresa Browning Michaelis