Hello Neighbors,

This morning I have contacted Mr. Robert Lutz, our city-councilman representative, Representatives Noe and Phil Hinkle, along with Charles Goodman and the McANA group regarding the tree trimming currently taking place in our neighborhood. I was informed on Friday that my 100 year old ash tree will have to be trimmed back to the main trunk this time. I have lived here 21 years and this tree trimming is getting out of control. Charles Goodman is on his way out to take pictures of the backyard. IPL just left.

I am writing the neighbors however regarding the service working this past Saturday. Utility rates continue to climb, yet the tree trimmers were working on overtime this Saturday. I even observed 4-5 workers playing poker in my neighbors ditch before they quit for the day. Another neighbor observed several of them through the week laid back in the grass at the back of the addition, drinking beer. This is what we are paying high rates for. If you are concerned about the increase of your light bills, I encourage everyone to call and complain and the overtime that IPL is paying for the tree trimming service.

If you have any concerns regarding the tree trimming, please contact me as I am fighting to preserve a 100-year-old ash tree that IPL has informed me must be cut back to the main trunk. The tree isn't the problem. It's the light poles on this side of the addition. The continue to lean more and more, thus the tree trimmers trim back more and more. Not this time. I will not allow it without a fight. What used to be 5 feet has become 8-12 feet.
Please talk to your next door neighbors on each side of you and I will be making calls as well. We need to inform IPL that we do not support overtime on Saturday hours. It's not a crisis. Overtime isn't required and if they are under a contract to finish, then too bad. Not at our expense.

Kathy Minton
Hamblen Area Neighborhood