To the Speedway Redevelopment Commission and Speedway Town Council:

Recently there have been derogatory comments by you towards citizens and taxpayers of this town. I, myself, have been one of the targets.

I will make it very clear what I think of the people who sit on this board and commission... I have not been politically involved in the past, but I always believed in my government and hoped they were doing the best for me. In the past 4 years of association with the Speedway Government, I have learned that you should never trust anyone with your political rights.

I have never seen such a group of egotistical, arrogant, self served, wanna-be politicians in my life. You ARE NOT for the people of Speedway. If you were, you would listen closely to what is said outside of the meetings. I am tired of hearing from other members of boards, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, and even father-in-laws about how great this re-development is. I can count on 1 hand how many true citizens have stood and praised the SRC for what they are doing. And half of them are getting or wanting something in return. The people of Speedway who are against HOW the redevelopment is being done are too intimidated to speak out. There have been threats made and people removed from positions they have had for years related to events in Speedway because they have spoken out against the Redevelopment and how it is proceeding. I have never heard anyone state they were AGAINST the Redevelopment, they have only protested against why so many people were having their rights being violated and how it was being done.

I do not think it is professional for a voted in or appointed government official to have the last say in a televised meeting and use it to publicly humiliate a constituent or taxpayer.

It is a persons right to question anything a politician or board or commission does. In fact, it needs to be done more often and maybe the country would be in better shape. For an elected official to publicly
berate a newspaper editor is unspeakable. Freedom of the press is another right that should not be challenged. You can sit and complain about the money spent because of challenges made by your constituents and the taxpayers of Speedway, but you also need to think of the citizens spending thousands of dollars on attorney fees fighting for their rights because of you!

This town governing body needs to be watched closely. This is the taxpayer's money being spent and you are OUR employees!

I will not give up on watching closely everything you do! I will still protest and appeal and question anything I feel is wrong or illegal. I spend a lot of time researching and calling people to make sure what I say is correct.

You may sit there at the big table and make decisions that affect every citizen and taxpayer in Speedway, but you will not do it without being watched - very closely! That is the least the people of Speedway deserve!

Jo Ellen Dotlich