To the Editor:
On May 13, 2009 at 1 PM in Room 260 of the City County Building the MDC Plat Committee will hear arguments for and against closing a westside street--Grande Avenue-- that directly links dozens of Gasoline Alley motorsports businesses with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, including 4 of the largest in the region. Public testimony will be heard in turn, along with Planning Staff recommendations as well as review of documents provided by the petitioner, Allison Transmission, and remonstrators to support each viewpoint.
If Grande Avenue is closed, an important connection will be forfeited by businesses and residents alike, leaving a community already bereft of adequate travel routes with even fewer options important to many who live, work, play and travel through the area.
Though testimony is limited to 15 total minutes for each side, with a 5 minute rebuttal, anyone can appear and stand when asked to show their support for either side. It is hoped that those who value all westside links to emergency routes, access to jobs, schools, commercial areas across the township, will come and stand beside those battling to save Grande Avenue which is being led by Greater Garden City Civic Assn., Inc. on behalf of the 300 people employed on Gasoline Alley and the residents of Grande Avenue neighborhood who will be cut off if this petition is approved. The closure can happen immediately if granted.
If you care about this issue, and the next westside street to be closed--Georgetown Road--please show up Wednesday and stand up for the westside. No testimoney is required. Anyone from the public may attend.
Merri Anderson
46 N. Fleming St.
Ste. 101-B
Indianapolis, IN 46222-3941