Letter to the Editor

As many of your readers may know, I have been a contract consultant with the SRC for a little over a year. I write this letter to the citizens of Speedway as my contract with the SRC comes to an end.

In my opinion, the people of Speedway should take great pride in the SRC and its individual Members. Over the last year, I have interacted with the SRC on a daily basis and attended many meetings. During that time, I saw nothing less than professional behavoior from the SRC. Whether the meeting or task had to do with Real Estate transactions, negotiations with citizens or dealings with major businesses, I saw nothing but the highest concern for ethics and the town's future.

What Speedway is doing right now is nothing less than historic. The affects of this redevelopment will be felt far beyond the physical town limits and the town's current generation.

Over the last 2 years, I have come to know the Town and many of its residents. I have enjoyed immensely many relationships, in deed friendships. Simply put, the people of Speedway are good. As you move forward with the rebirth of the town, I hope you keep your focus on the future families of Speedway, as you always have.