I often attend the monthly meetings of the Indianapolis Air Pollution Control Board (IAPCB). The Indianapolis Office of Environmental Services (OES) is a key player on this board. Recently most of the responsibilities of this board and OES were taken over by the Indiana Department of Environmental Services (IDEM). They all involve high quality people and do continue to function for the environmental benefit of our county, in fact the metropolitan area.

This board addresses many aspects of the environmental health of our community such as oversight of ordinances, violations, permitting, air monitoring, the KnowZone Program, protection of children and so on.

During a recent presentation by the OES that dealt with the KnowZone Program, I asked if the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) participated in any way by either cooperating in the programs or helping promote the active environmental programs. The response I received told me that there is not much, if any, participation by IMS in either case.

I find this disturbing because IMS is such an important player in the Indianapolis Metropolitan area, it has impact worldwide, the nature of their operations relate strongly to the environment and they occupy an important place in, and influence of, the development of a large portion of our community. They should be contributing and cooperating.

Tom Glass
1121 N. Exeter Ave., Indpls., IN