Letter to editor-

Like most of us, insects, fear of some of them and the effect they have on car windshields is usually distasteful.

However, little thought is needed to consider the beneficial effect on our lives that insects do have, such as pollination of vegetation, food for birds, bait for fish and so on. Bees may be most widely reckognized with their recent losses is causing concerns all across our country because of losing their use in pollinating our crops as well as their importance as our source for honey.

I have always traveled considerably by automobile and motorcycle. In recent years I have noticed my windshield is not being affected now like it was just a few short years ago. Now, I can travel as far as Dallas and not need to clean my windshield all summer long. I also notice an absence of butterflies around my gardens and moths around lights. I have noticed this and commented on it at city environmental meetings. Response was not impressive.

The only cause I am aware of is our extensive use of pesticides and other chemicals, both domestically around our homes and in agriculture. Maybe there are other causes, but I suggest this is a problem and when we realize the cause, effect and solution, it may be too late to correct it. It may already be.

Tom Glass
1121 N. Exeter Ave., Indpls.,IN.