Ft.Wayne Doublesips Tea Party
4-19-09 Fort Wayne, Indiana

On tax day Wednesday, Ft. Wayne held it's Tea Party in conjunction with hundreds of other cities protesting Big Brother government usurping its authority and oppressing citizens with a variety of symptoms.

It topped off the week on Saturday, 18th, at the Courthouse Square with 1,000 Hoosiers with a myriad of signs often seen elsewhere across the nation. Local grassroots and Hoosier bloggers, including the Grassroots Conservative group, local citizens , National Tea Party Movement, Grassfire, Families United For Our Troops, Resistnet.com Members, and Congressional 3rd District Coordinators, helped to rally the event which offered speakers who demanded our government be returned to the people. Keynote speaker, Dr. Alan Keyes, spoke at length and at times literally came off both feet in a dynamic patriotic speech to citizens who gulped it down as quick as it was delivered and wanted more. Dr. Keyes spared no punches against Congress, the administrations past and present, and indicated the root cause was actually the people. Citing the average citizen's apathy, 'Go home and look in the mirror' and you'll find whose responsible for this mess; not the banks, not business, not politicians. The crowd chants back "Change Back" and 'we've had enough'. WoWo 1190's talk show host, Pat Miller, moderated several speakers. Yours truly brought forth the honor colors as citizens said the pledge of allegiance to the revolutionary Betsy Ross Flag.

He accepted no honorarium for his lengthy speech.

Patriot Paul