Tea Party Tsunami

It is impossible to predict how many Tea Parties will be held by April 15th, July 4th and through the coming months, but they exist and invoke reaction from citizens, media and commentators. Cynics say people are being manipulated by a political party or another agenda with a right wing conspiracy. Some feel these are political activists looking for another cause or being sponsored and paid for by left wing proponents blessed, in part, with the payment by Acorn for the bus of protesters outside AIG executives' homes. Still some blog writers are filled with envy to see grass roots unite across the nation but cannot seem to garner the same support for their own causes or party and cast a discrediting doubt by claiming big brother is behind the curtain. I'm reminded of a local Indy blog which questioned if some events such as the Orlando Tea Party was something besides grass roots, though a few days later Glenn Beck brought these new organizer-housewives on his program. A large mid-March Cincinnati Tea Party was organized by husband, wife and friends as is the Indianapolis Tea Party for April 15th.

To be sure, there are those ambulance-chaser opportunists who want to piggyback on citizen outrages of uncontrollable government spending with a teaser food drive to gain sympathy with media attention, or to gain political access for distributing partisan info into the crowd, and those who infiltrate the crowds to have citizens sign petitions without first reading the fine print or simply to proselytize prospective converts to another cause.

Despite different national, regional, or local names, organizations were invented to help coordinate efforts, and despite the Johnny-come-lately of certain politicians seeking recognition for votes, there are certain times in our brief American history that people themselves rise up and say 'enough'. We saw this in the Ross Perot days with the Independent Party and we saw a 1994 Contract 'with' America in a supposed effort to return power to the people yet fizzled with a Contract 'on' America.

While main stream media with self-imposed blinders help censor grass roots grumblings, their ratings reflect this. Even the avant-garde CNN of cable news wears a pair as their ratings take a back seat and as Fox News celebrates their 100th month in a row of extraordinary ratings.

To their credit, Fox News reports on basics but brings enhancement-awareness not evident in standard programming, including the awakened interest in Americans who feel wronged by policies that overwhelm them in which they have no control.

In about a week, Fox News will live report on this nationwide unrest from a variety of cities. Neil Cavuto will live broadcast from the large Sacramento, Ca. Tea Party, as will Glenn Beck from the Alamo in San Antonio, Tx.; Sean Hannity and Huckabee from Atlanta, Greta Van Susteren from D.C. There will be live pickups from other cities with rotating city coverage throughout the evening.

Will the conspiracists, partisans, kooks and spooks along with traditional media allies try to hijack the overarching theme of good and limited government? Probably. But hopefully the main grass fire will not be extinguished this time and at least we will be heard through the number one cable network news throughout the evening. This is our time, our event, and our country. Let's take it back.

patriot paul