Your name is Yavuz Berke, and you were born in Turkey. You moved to Canada last year, changed your name to Adam Leon, became a student at an airline training school, then hijacked a plane in Canada and traveled 7 hours into the heartland of America until finally running out of fuel, landed on a rural Missouri road where you hitchhiked, bummed $2.00 from the driver, walked into a convenience store, sat down and had a Gatorade and waited for a Missouri patrol trooper who took you to a jail cell in St. Louis.

Never mind if you were followed by F16s from Wisconsin shortly after take-off and you ignored their non verbal signs to follow them, or that warnings went out to Chicago areas and the Wisconsin Capitol was evacuated.

What we have here is more than a failure to communicate. 7 HOURS for an intruder in U.S. air space and who violated our sovereign borders, and all we've heard from authorities is that he wasn't considered enough a risk to shoot down. If he had pitched a biological agent from the plane over Chicago, St.Louis, or had come to Indy, would the authorities be so cavalier to say he posed no threat? Would the Star News have the incident go unreported as they did this morning? What should have been front page news in every major U.S. newspaper found peculiar silence in Indianapolis. Haven't we heard about pilot students somewhere before, as in Florida? Haven't we heard about what suicide piloted planes did to people and buildings on 911?

Terrorists must be laughing their heads off knowing they can strike at the very heartland of America, ditch the plane, hitchhike, and go on the run if they choose. The pilot later acknowledged he wanted shot down because he wasn't himself lately and was seeing a psychiatrist. But who cares. The fact remains that any population during 7 hours could have been decimated. What a gigantic flaw in Homeland Security, the TSA, and immigration & customs enforcement. Is this the politically correct way to protect citizens? With ungodly amounts of dollars spent on airline security, government buildings, the borders, and all the beaucratic personnel, authorities have just handed our enemies a blueprint that's workable!

patriot paul