Dear Editor

Libertarian Party of Marion County strips Indiana Constitution of right to life; misinterprets property rights.

It should be pointed out that the LPMC does not represent all libertarians, but a select few extremists who espouse their own interpretation of property rights and disregard the foremost right to life. The ability to own property is not in question. Our Indiana Constitution does not stop at the doorstep of private property by stomping on inalienable rights upon entering that property. There is no autonomy that suspends our Constitution by treating employees therein with different standards. My libertarian friends have misinterpreted that private property means the Constitution is suspended once entering an entity called a business and therefore a different standard applies, including resulting in a free-for-all permitting assaults, murder, rape or anything imaginable and that if you don't like it, no one is forcing you to work there. This convoluted view of some libertarian elitists reduces human life as secondary to their supposed right of unrestrained abusive behavior or from the employer and fellow employees once you are employed on their property. You just lost all protections provided in our Constitution. Beyond the Constitutional issue is the basic immorality of their position and the political suicide of losing votes when over half of the populace want a ban from this unseen killer. Condoning the lowering the value of human life at the misinterpretation of our Constitution is suicidal for the party of principle that espouses no infringement on the rights of others
including nonsmokers.

Patriot Paul Wheeler