Just finished the March 2009 issue, which I found at Pike library (I've read your paper before). Concerning the above story on page W-1: did not anyone realize that there is already a probation office (maybe not a holding area) across the street, at 3500 Lafayette Road? There is no noticeable outdoor signage to that effect, but inside there is, and I verified it was on the indy.gov website.

A more important issue that should concern the same group is the closing of Georgetown Road and Grande Avenue and the possible extension of Holt Road, an issue I know your paper has covered extensively.

A publication like yours has been sorely needed in the area, especially since the Star has bought out many of community weeklies, then shut them down after letting them languish for a short while. Even though the editing could be improved, you are getting information out to people that they could find only by time-consuming research.

Charles Sites