We've heard the shot from Maine and now nearly half State legislatures' Houses reaffirming States' Sovereignty. Are we being goat-herded into Civil War# II, and if so, why?

Never mind the majority of property tax issues with resultant auction, foreclosure and booted out owners due to failure to pay into an unfair system. While it doesn't lessen the fuel, local and state issues have less to do with State sovereignty and more to do with an encroaching Federal government we no longer recognize.

The Articles of Confederation which became the launch pad for the Constitution provided for the collection of the colony-states as a cohesive unit and also reflected the sovereignty of the individual states. Together, they were to hold equal status:

"Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated."

And the U.S. as sovereign ". . . for their common defense, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves to assist each other, against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them . . . ," while declaring that the union is "perpetual," and can only be altered by approval of Congress with ratification by all the state legislatures.

The continued violations of this entity now called the Federal Government has stepped beyond its jurisdiction of equality and into regulating the behavior of States and private affairs of Citizens. Marked by a path to socialism, increased taxation, abandoned fiscal accountability and consigning future generations to hopeless financial futility are but a few road signs of a doomed and dysfunctional big brother approach to the little brother, when in actuality they were born twins with equal say-so to guard and protect 'we the people'.

So who is to reign in the prodigal brother who got too big for his pants? Watchdogs, talking media on radio and TV, printed website & blog commentaries, and even some brave politicians? These sincere sound-offs may be the warning signs of a cracking republic, but it's the People who are rising through their State legislatures to reaffirm our Sovereignty. It's the People who are forming Tea Parties across the nation and independent groups whose call to attention of this bastardization of our founding infrastructure which was created to equally protect us from a renegade twin brother.

Strings attached to Federal Stimulus dollars to the States is like Best Buy telling you how to spend your rebate check after you've bought a computer. It was your money to begin with. Redistributing the wealth by the dictates of Big bro.to Little bro. is not the system our founders envisioned in forming a more perfect union. Seceding was more than a theme of the first Civil War. And it was economic, and socio-political motivations that underscored it, just as the inequities we see today.

Today's Big Brother is President Obama and a corrupt U.S. Legislature whose crisis-management has plunged us further into activists' uprisings who dare talk of freedom without the threat of fairness speak. Our Homeland Security has it's structure in place to put down both international and domestic incivility. While our local government may be disinclined to fire upon civil disobedients, you can rely on Big Bro. force, be it censorship inherent in the Obama doctrine or worse.

The narcissism of Obama, coupled with Lincoln-envy, has set the stage for rebellion so he can fulfill his quest as the great emancipator as Lincoln was. Sniping at his eligibility over birth records qualification of office pales in comparison with the threat upon our liberties.

History repeats, but not in fashion of North v. South. It will be under cover of night when citizens throw tea overboard. It will be during the day with skirmishes of protests and in our halls for local reaffirmations of sovereignty by proclamations. This tug of war will end as the biggest Socialism of all time where our Constitution is held as a bygone relic along with usurped rights reinterpreted by our prodigal brother, or it will end with a return to what made this country great; not passive dismissal of threats, but active resistance to tyranny. The Obama Emancipator may have his day, but that too will pass.

Patriot Paul