Mr. Rust

The good thing about being an American Citizen is the right of Freedom of Speech.

I use that right to tell the other side. Everything I say can be backed up by newspaper articles, magazine articles and meeting minutes.

In the end the real truth will prevail.

I just hope it won't be at the expense of the good citizens of Speedway who want to believe in their governing body so much they turn deaf ears and blindness to what is really happening.

Because of the Kelo vs New London Supreme Court decision Eminent Domain laws have made it harder for the government to take the property of private citizens.

But the interesting point is this:

The Kelo-New London case lasted 8 years.

In the fall of 2008 - 3 years after the Supreme Court decision to allow New London to take private homes and replace them with buildings capable of generating higher tax revenue no ground has been broken. The developer hired by the NLDC had failed to secure adequate financing for any building projects. EVERY home in the 90 acre redevelopment area had already been demolished. The area now sits as a barren wasteland of weeds, litter and rubble.

Is this how we want Speedway to end up?

At this point not one piece of property has been purchased or any proposals made on any of the main properties needed for the realignment of 16th Street.

The fight for these properties can and probably will take years in the court system. I would think this would need to be accomplished before the shovel hits the dirt.

I guess we will just have to sit and wait for the final results.

Jo Ellen Dotlich