Robert E. Anderson
3188 Taylor Road
Hartford, WI 53027

William T. Golay
Council President, Town of Speedway
5523 Hollister Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46224-3321

Dear Mr. Golay:

Thank you for our recent phone conversation where we discussed problems
that manufactured home owners may face with the redevelopment plans
coming before the Speedway Council. As you mentioned, the "trailer
parks,"[1] may be condemned via eminent domain which would send the
manufactured home owners packing.

Again, my interest in this issue is my 71-year-old mother-in-law, Sally
Adams, a resident of El Lou Mobile Home Park, who, like the
predominantly elderly residents of both parks, would find moving her
home a physical impossibility. Then, add to immovability the home's
value to her alone and the exceptionally low and affordable lot rent
charged by the park owners, and one can see that she and many others
face becoming homeless without recourse.

As we spoke, you were receptive to speaking with the "trailer park's"
residents to determine their needs, because, after all, many I speak for
couldn't travel to your town meetings. If you do this before next
Monday's vote and you act on your findings, you will display the wisdom
needed to head off what could be a long, uphill fight. The resolution
of one such fight was reported on July 18, by Suzanne Travers of New
Jersey's, Herald News. Here is an excerpt:

Lodi trailer park residents rejoice
LODI -- Ceding victory to residents and owners of two trailer parks in a
five-year legal battle over eminent domain, the Borough Council has
dropped its attempt to seize the privately owned property.

The council voted unanimously Monday night to forgo an appeal of a lower
court decision that found the borough had no grounds to seize about 20
acres at the trailer parks.
Borough officials had argued the area along heavily traveled Route 46
was blighted and that allowing a private developer to redevelop the
sites was in the public interest because it would boost tax revenues.
But members of the newly installed five-member council, which took
office July 1, said they decided to withdraw the appeal after concluding
the borough would lose the court fight.

Although this excerpt lacks details, perhaps you notice some
similarities. One might ask, does Speedway's plan benefit public good
or that of not so public interests? If the public's interest could not
be proved beyond doubt, a case such as Speedway's is ripe for a civil
liberties law firm like the Institute For Justice ( <> and many years of litigation. Your term ends in December
but what kind of legacy is a long and costly court battle? And how
would you look if the council approves the redevelopment concept and a
top-gun reporter splashes the front page with stories from frail
homeowners who have no idea what will happen to them?

Mr. Golay, you state that next Monday's vote - which you assume will
affirm the redevelopment - will only stamp the council's seal on the
concept of Speedway's redevelopment with the details coming after
approval of other government agencies and your term in office expires.
But wouldn't it be good to establish now certain conditions preceding
further action? Think of it as a conditional use permit for justice:

* The mobile home park landowners will be paid fair market value
and will receive X dollars compensation for lost business income for a
period of X years.
* All mobile home owners can choose to either:

a. Relocate their home to another site within X miles radius - all
expenses paid - and (at their choice) receive X thousand dollars for
their trouble or ten years of lot rent at the new location above what
they now pay.
b. OR receive compensation for their home at fair market value plus
X thousand dollars for relocation expenses. No homeowner will receive
less than $20,000 (a reasonable price for a good used unit) for their
home plus relocation expenses.
The developer and other interests will reap a bountiful harvest from
this venture. Isn't it right for a developer to offer modest gleanings
to those who surrender the stability and assurance they have known for
so long?

Please consider adding such conditions to the redevelopment package now
because, as this plan grows and more powerful actors become involved,
justice will not be mentioned again. What shall your legacy be; he
threw elderly widows out on the street or he cared for those who needed

Psalms 11:7 The LORD is righteous, and he loves justice. Those who do
what is right will see his face.


Robert E. Anderson

Robert E. Anderson

[1] Wilcox Mobile Home Park

1826 Georgetown Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46224

El Lou Mobile Home Park

1714 Georgetown Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46224