Editor's Opinion

Town councilor William Suffel's hope "to have everyone on board" for the Speedway Redevelopment Plan should remain nothing more than hope, because such a request is a threat to democracy and the right of people to think freely and express themselves. The request is an attempt to dumb down Speedway residents from thinking independently, no matter how good or bad the plan is.

The "select few" that he thinks are creating road blocks to the plan are doing nothing more than expressing their God given liberties and constitutional rights to fight for justice and due process.

The average citizen is not going to prosper from the plan.

Not everyone in the town bleeds brown and gold or maintains a "Stepford Wife" mentality. We are given minds to think freely, to debate, to question and to argue issues.

The council says redevelopment is vital for the town's survival. Those who are facing forcible eviction from their homes and businesses are fighting for their survival.

If councilor Lu Hillmer need not apologize to council members for her questioning a salary at the December 30 meeting, then the select few need not be marginalized for standing up for their rights.

It is the role of the media and the town residents to be a vocal watchdog of their government in order to protect their freedoms.

"In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to another." Voltaire, 1764