Dear Editor

A mother cat took up unsolicited residency this spring with her two kittens on Luett Avenue. She then became pregnant with five kittens. If anyone is interested in a cat or knows someone who is (locally) please contact me. The mother is probably not more than 18 months old. She would make a great house cat. Her first litter is probably 9 months old and her most current family is 3 months old.

They are scheduled to be spayed/neutered and ear clipped (to indicate to Animal Control they are fixed feral cats) this December 21. That's why I have captured them and am housing them indoors. I still have a 9 month old female from the first litter to catch. She has more gray than mom and less gray than her brother.

I would like to find homes for them. The animal shelters have so many animals killed that I will keep them fed and watered here if I can't find homes but they will have to be outdoor cats. 317/266-8600

Len Ashburn