The Town of Speedway already ignores the Marion County sign ordinance by permitting a portable EVMS that amounts to a giant, truck-mounted TV screen at every race event sitting on the old railroad bed parallel to Crawfordsville Road at 16th St. Of course, the property belongs to a Speedway business with many connections which already had received--in error--permission to create an entrance from a state highway to allow parking on race days. What is the zoning for a strip of land that is exclusively used for commercial purposes? Are taxes being paid commensurate with the actual use of the land? Just wondering.

I have documented the EVMS truck with pictures and will be glad to share them. I have also seen other portable billboards on trucks specifically designed, with angled surfaces to make them easier to see from front and behind, to drive around during the sporting and special events. These are supplimented by the airplanes that carry banners across the area for hours on end. But surely no consciencious driver will look at any of these irrelevant (to the job of driving safely) distractions, would they? Of course not!

In addition, IMS also erects signs in the rights of way of not only Speedway streets, but also in Indianapolis' ROW during race events. Are these signs permitted? Since NO signage except that placed by authentic City departments for traffic or informational (not private advertising) purposes are permitted by the Marion County sign ordiance, I don't know how they could be legal. While I'm at it, I also observe many vendors operating ticket sales on the streets and blocking traffic very often. If they are going to be ticket brokers, they should rent a shop and operate like the legitimate ticket brokers who are located here, pay taxes, follow codes and employ local citizens year round have to.

Seems some laws are only for some people depending on who makes the decisions and who benefits.
Just wondering where it all ends?

M. Anderson