Uncontrolled, advertising signage can become very detrimental to a community by such reasons as driver distraction and neighborhood aesthetics because of types, height, size and congestion.

Marion county has an effective sign ordinance, but it is constantly under attack and advertising technology is constantly changing.

Common billboards now are being replaced by Electronic Variable Messaging Signs (EVMSs), video boards and tri-panel faced billboards. The light intensity, brightness and variable messages may change frequently and can be quite garish. Driver attention becomes driver distraction, which then is a factor in accidents.

The town of Lawrence, represented by lawyers, their mayor and town board currently are trying to circumvent county law by allowing two illegal signs near I-465 and Pendleton Pike. So far, their efforts have been rebuffed, but the issue is not settled yet. If the variance they are pursuing succeeds, county law will be weakened, if not eliminated.

The purpose of this letter is to advise you that our ordinance does serve a worthy purpose, for you to be vigilant and keep your officials advised as to your feelings, and for our area, the west portion of Marion county to support the ordinance and not allow our area to become infiltrated with obtrusive, illegal, unsightly and distractive signage.

Tom Glass
1121 N. Exeter Ave., 46222
Wayne twp. Director, Marion county Alliance of Neighborhood Associations