Dear Editor,

Never has it been so easy for Hoosier working families to identify those candidates who care about our state and local tax burdens. Our Governor must lead our General Assembly next year to vote on the constitutional property tax caps in Senate Joint Resolution 1.

SJR 1 must be passed to keep local governments from using the Distressed Unit Appeals Board to increase the 1% homeowner property tax cap the General Assembly passed this year. The exact same version of SJR 1 that the General Assembly passed this year must again pass in 2009. We the people can then vote in 2010 to make the 1% homeowner property tax cap a permanent part of the Indiana Constitution that cannot be bypassed by any legislature or court.

Mitch Daniels is the Governor candidate who is part of the property tax reform solution because he supports SJR 1.

The General Assembly candidates who are also part of the solution include Ed Angleton, Robert W. Behning, Brian C. Bosma, John J. Day, Jon Elrod, David N. Frizzell, Phillip D. (Phil) Hinkle, Steve Keltner, Ken Kern, Teresa Lubbers, L. Jack Lutz, John Meuser, Chad D. Miller, Patricia Miller, Michael B. Murphy, Adam E. Nelson, Lawrence T. Newman, Cindy Noe, Chris J. Swatts, Brent Waltz, and R. Michael Young.

General Assembly candidates who are part of the property tax problem because they oppose SJR 1 include John F. Barnes, Jean Breaux, Barry Campbell, Todd DeGroff, Stephanie DeKemper, Edward O. DeLaney, Pamela Hickman, Timothy J. Huber, Shayne Merritt, Terry Rice, Mary Ann Sullivan, and Greg Taylor.

Even more disturbing are Jeb Bardon, John L. Bartlett, Michael Cesnik, William A. Crawford, Terry Gingles, Lee Ann Mengelt, Gregory W. Porter, Cherrish S. Pryor, James Rainey, Ray G. Shearer, and Vanessa J. Summers. They do not respect their voters enough to publicly say whether they will vote for SJR 1 next year.

The General Assembly's vote in 2009 on SJR 1 will be the most important working family vote this generation. Hoosier voters must use the Watchdog Indiana website and other resources to contact their General Assembly candidates and confirm their SJR 1 position. We need SJR 1 to get permanent property tax relief from our recent sales tax increase.

Best regards,

Aaron Smith, Founder
Watchdog Indiana