Voting? Consider this.

President Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party proved tax cuts to citizens
in the upper income bracket resulted in a healthy economy through his
"trickle-down' theory resulting in the creation of many more jobs. Meanwhile they put
an end to the Cold War and the United Soviet Socialist Republic. The results
provided the "peace and prosperity" period President Clinton shared in and for
which he presently assumes credit.

The peace and prosperity was in fact the legacy of the Republican Party and
President Reagan.

President William Clinton, supported by the Democratic Party, subsequently
spent eight years in office demoralizing American military members and made
massive cuts in military spending. With such a strong signal of encouragement,
enemies realized they had simply to wait and plan attacks when the USA reached a
point of sufficient vulnerability. Sure enough, the attack came later when our
enemies observed a change in this policy with George W. Bush. Meanwhile
President William Clinton, supported by the Democratic Party, signed the "North
Atlantic Free Trade Agreement" into law even though presidential candidate Ross
Perot warned the world this would result in massive job losses in the USA. Ross
Perot was right and eventually there were massive job losses. Massive job
losses lead to a massive number of home mortgage foreclosures.

This element of the current economic disaster is the legacy of the Democratic
Party and President Clinton.

George W. Bush and the Republican Party won 30 of the 50 states in 2000.
Their patriotic agenda was interrupted by the attack on 9/11/01 by Muslim
extremists who were allies and known supporters of Saddam Hussein. Innocent citizens
of more than sixty (60) nations were killed in the attack on the Trade Center
in New York. President Bush and the Republican Party believed it was time to
encourage the United Nations to return to Iraq to conclude their war. This was
meant to change the messages to the Muslim extremists left behind by our
previous administration. The United Nations agreed overwhelmingly that it was time
to depose Saddam Hussein and conclude its war as waged in 1991. President Bush
than took the proposition to the US Congress and received overwhelming
agreement to proceed in support of NATO against Iraq. Iraq meanwhile had eight
months' warning. This time was used to hide weapons and mass graves. Justice was
served on Saddam Hussein by more than 40 nations. Civil war continues in Iraq,
but attacks on the USA came to an end for at least seven years to date.

Keeping the USA and its citizens safe and secure is the Legacy of George W.
Bush and the Republican Party.

I therefore choose to vote for John McCain, Sarah Palin and the Republican
Party. They promise peace, prosperity, a return to a robust economy, more jobs,
a cleaner environment and national security in the style to which we are

Leon S. Drzewiecki
3240 S. 9th St., Apt J
Lafayette, IN 47909-7108