In response to the last letter to the editor let me be clear why I, a
member of the Redevelopment Commission, did not attend the recent parade.

A parade was held in 2007 organized by Susan Luebbert and others. Susan
took it upon herself after promoting the event as a community gathering to
populate a negative petition against one of the sponsors of the event and
major stakeholder in our town Allison Transmission. She also took the
opportunity to bad mouth the Commission's efforts to the Mayor and
circulate a petition against the Redevelopment Commission to those that
attended. Susan has every right to conduct petitions and talk to the
Mayor about her negative opinion regarding the Commission anytime she
wants. However, I will not waste my time at an anti Redevelopment
Commission rally labeled as a parade. Had Susan acted differently in 2007
rather than exposing her true intentions I would have definitely attended
this years parade. I will be blunt in stating that so long as Susan is
putting these events together I have no interest in attending. When the
community wants to come together for an event where we set aside our
differences regarding Redevelopment and ALL people, including those that
support the Commission's efforts count me in.

Thank you.

Steve Bishop
Speedway Redevelopment Commission