On Thursday September 25 in My View, Mr. Garcia, the chair of the
Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, started bashing our City
Council. I take offense to this, because it is evident that Mr. Garcia
does not under stand the law. I state this point referring to Indiana
Code 36-6-8-10, which clearly states that the county fiscal body shall
fund the Township Assessor's Offices. The law does not allow the fiscal
body to arbitrarily place these budgets in the County Assessor's budget
and it does not allow these to be unfunded.

I think it is also an insult to say $2.6 million dollars is going to
save this county when the county produces a $1.1 BILLION budget and 40%
is placed on property taxpayers backs.

Let me clear up another point for Mr. Garcia. Before House Bill 1001,
there were only 141 Township Assessor's in Indiana. These were full time
assessors and were located in the largest township in the State of
Indiana. The remaining townships within the state had trustee/assessors.
These were part-time assessors because of the lack assessments they had
to perform. Which most of these offices had already turned over the
assessing of real property to their county assessors.

Also, by eliminating these elected officials the state removed a review
of the work being done because there is one less review of the county
assessor's work at the local level, and also the State has removed a
level of appeals work with the township assessors that does benefit the
Mr. Garcia, I am also interested in your thoughts on this ordered
reassessment by the Governor. Since this was done by a private out of
state firm, we have had 24 appeals resolved as of the end of August.
These appeals had increased assessed values of $27 million, however the
County Assessor and the PTBOA has given back $26.29 million of it back
to this taxpayers. It looks as if the Township Assessors were RIGHT all
along with their assessments.
I guess I should bring this point to Mr. Garcia's attention, the
township assessor did perform the original work, however, the County
Assessor and the DLGF had oversight of all of this work and they
approved this and even certified the work of the Township Assessor work.
So as Mr. Garcia states in his view that the system is broken! If this
is the case, then it is broken at the top not the bottom, I can state
this because everyone of the duties the township assessors perform are
reviewed by their respective county assessors and the DLGF (state office
of assessing, which their commissioner is appointed by the Governor).

This make is clear we near to VOTE NO on referendum #1 on Nov. 4th.

Address: 351 Transfer Drive

Phone: 273-4150

Michael B. McCormack

Wayne Township Assessor