Dear Editor

Congratulations to everyone who put so much time into putting together
the Parade this year. There was such a variety of participants and
everyone watching seemed to be enjoying themselves. It brings the small
town feeling back to Speedway and brings the town together at a time
when bonding together is much needed.

I do wish the route could have gone down Georgetown Rd since we aren't
sure if the road will be there in the future. I feel the town manager
made a grave error when not permitting this to be done. Indianapolis did
not have preliminary problems with the route, but would not approve it since
the town manager was in opposition.

I spoke with some of the Mobile Park Residents who had seen earlier
route maps and were standing on Georgetown Rd waiting for "the parade
that never came". Thank you Barbara Lawrence. Your pride and
dedication to the town you don't live in is coming through loud and
clear. I was also surprised that the Speedway Redevelopment Commission
and some of the Town Council Members were not present. This shows me
that your interest may only be self serving and not really for the
people of Speedway. How can a town be redeveloped for the people when
the people behind the redevelopment aren't involved in the activities of
the town? I wonder if the Chamber of Commerce President Connie Harris,
(wife of SRC Executive Director Scott Harris) had put the parade on the
town government would have been more involved?

Well, thanks again to Susan Luebbert, Linda Karn, Connie Norton and
everyone else who volunteered their time to put smiles on the faces of
the people of Speedway!

Ms. Myers