I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the following in regard to the apartment building fire at International Village Monday June 30th.

First of all I canít say enough about our Speedway firefighters, officers, and Chief Officers for their valiant effort and hard work. They pulled up on what would become a 3 alarm fire and after a few minutes of an interior attack a back draft occurred which injured 3 firefighters, after regrouping it was decided that we would go to a defensive attack, and we were in for a long night.

I would also like to acknowledge IFD, Wayne Twp, Wishard ambulance and Speedway Police that assisted; they also worked extremely hard during difficult conditions.

And lastly, I would like to thank the Town Manager, and each Council member for coming by the incident and showing support. I also would like to acknowledge some of the Speedway community for bringing food to the scene, some donated by the Harris/Bainbridge family, McDonalds, and Arbyís.

I also want thank Jay Thompson for taking pictures during the duration of the fire, and providing us with a disc. Those pictures were helpful during the investigation and post-mortem meetings with our firefighters.

And in closing I would like to thank those who came to the aid of more than 20 families displaced by the fire.

Curtis L. Dean
Fire Chief
Speedway Fire