Eminent Domain clobbers Speedway; Ejects residents from their homes & tramples over Businesses.

Sounds dramatic but true. Never mind if you thought you owned property that you are now FORCED to sell and on someone else's time frame. Never mind if you built up a clientèle for your business; just get out and best of luck with wherever you go, despite rezoning problems, variances process, and whatever clientèle you are able to scrape together, assuming your business even survives.

It only took a week to review the remonstrances sent by Speedway businesses to the Economic Redevelopment, and it wasn't worth the paper. Progress is great, but at what price. Now the bickering over how much will these Speedway people receive for the disruption of their lives, the switching schools for their children, perhaps into a new school district, and businesses relocating somewhere, anywhere.

Eminent Domain should be used only in the most dire circumstances, if at all. Have we forgotten that our founding documents were constructed to protect and further our freedoms; not constrict them by slow erosion! Adding insult to injury, everyone in Speedway will have their property taxes used as collateral. I owe, I owe, Its off to the Bond Bank we go !

Patriot Paul