Dear Editor,

I think that the time has come for the residents of Speedway to bond together on the matter of "Redevelopment." I feel that the town needs some sort of help reasserting itself. By not being honest with the people, they, The Redevelopment Commission, are telling fish stories that even a third grader would not swallow! When the Commission gives two answers to one question, what is the public to believe? Why can't they answer honestly? Is it because they do know the answer to simple questions? If so what are they doing on the Commission? I can easily vision property being taken by the eminent domain process and transferred to private industry. Is this fair? Why can't the people see what is happening.

I can remember when the town of Speedway installed parking meters on Main Street and people came together and boycotted the businesses there. You don't see parking meters on Main Street now, do you?

The people have power if they are willing to use it! I want to progress ,but not at the expense of much higher taxes. That is where it is all heading! If the Redevelopment Commission truly wants to know what the public wants (since they are not elected to make decision for us) why not hold a referendum?

The same people who paid $12,000 for brochures (that told me what a good thing closing Georgetown Road would be) could pay the cost.

I urge the townspeople to PLEASE wake up!

Philip L. Wolfe