Another parting shot from previous Mayor Bart Peterson's administration and the Capital Improvement Board surfaced and then was squelched by protestors' emails, call-ins to radio talk show hosts and letters to the Star editor. It seems the RCA Dome's contents were to be auctioned with proceeds not going toward the 75 million still owed on this soon to be demolished Colt's home, when citizens clearly wanted their recouped tax money applied to this debt. We well remember the Market Square Arena's white elephant bond debt Hoosiers are still paying on, despite it's demolishment in favor of Conseco Field House, the new playground for our NBA hometown sports-thugs doing court ordered community service, still looking for their gold grill teeth from a strip joint brawl when not high on weed or stumbling over bullet casings, as Larry Bird rethinks his future in the arena of public perception.

Just remember you are paying twice for the same real estate when bidding on a plaque mounted piece of fake grass. And if you are in a panic for a used urinal, yes, they have that too for a bright spot in your day (pun intended).
Despite the $200,000.00 auctioning fee, at least the public spoke and the Capital Improvement Board has rescinded it's decision to play give-away and will guard your million $ auction proceeds (for the moment), but one wonders how long the fox will guard the henhouse next time when no one is looking. Thank you fellow protestors and concerned citizens. You did make a million $ difference.

Patriot Paul