It may be time for the citizens of Speedway to stand up and make SRC accountable. Since 2005 we have been hearing plans, promises and propaganda from this commission. I have yet to see results. There are many pretty words and faithless promises, but I haven't seen any difference in the city of Speedway yet. As a business owner in Speedway and also with family who live in Speedway I am very interested in what is happening with the Great and All Mighty Speed Zone and the Redevelopment of Speedway. I also would like to know where all the beautifying parks are and where are the many businesses the SRC were going to bring to the community? I used to attend all of the SRC meetings until I finally became tired of hearing the same things over and over and nothing new being done. I would walk away with the same questions unanswered and the SRC only telling you what they wanted you to know. The last straw was when they amended Development Area #1 to include 25 more parcels but "forgot" to notify the property owners by mail. Is this not what Speedway retains a law firm for? I also was amused to hear Mr. Noblet state retail will not be going along 10th St but the houses were added to the Area #1 so the Corridor along 10th St could be maintained like Main Street will be. Yet it was not mentioned that by being included in this amendment it also meant the parcels could be added to an acquisition list and possible Eminent domain down the road. Since the birth of the SRC, people have been fired, asked to step down, added to the Town payroll and given new titles. Committees have been formed, never to be heard from. Many companies have come and gone with plans, plots and promises and money in their pockets, yet we still are no further than we were 3 years ago. I, for one, am tired of all the talk. I am tired of staying up nights worrying what else the city of Speedway may be trying to take away from me. I am tired of paying lawyer fees to try to keep my property from being taken from me. I read where the 16th Street corridor will begin by the end of the year, yet DNR, DPW and the Metropolitan Development of Indianapolis have yet to be notified. Money has been spent in surveying the area, but no permits have been attained. I read where the Booklet regarding the Redevelopment mailed out to Speedway Residents is being challenged for accuracy. (And what a beautiful publication it was! Wonder what it cost?) If the SRC has to make up pictures and lie about areas in the Speedway city limits than is this Redevelopment really needed? Does this put out a warning to the Speedway citizens that SRC may think we are a bunch of idiots who will believe anything? Does the average Speedway citizen realize that the 350 acres south of the track the SRC keeps talking about redeveloping into a racing community is mostly privately owned and has businesses included on it that employ as many people as Praxair? Remember, Allison's, Praxair and IMS are the only businesses the SRC continually talk about as being an important part of Speedway because they have the most employees...I know there may be inaccuracies written here, but I only can write about what I read and hear. I hear a lot of inconsistencies and untruths when it comes to the SRC. The SRC never really answers questions with the whole truth. What I really would like to know is this:

Do any of the SRC members live in an area or have a business in the area that may be affected by this great plan? Are you worried? Where has all of the money come from and where has it gone to pay for plans, plots, architectural designs, consultations, surveys, appraisals, ground testing and real estate purchases? In lay terms, please. I am sure someplace and somewhere this has been discussed
and approved, but is there a spreadsheet the average citizen can see?


why do I have to ask for it? Why isn't it readily available? Do you REALLY believe this is going to be completed in our lifetime? Is the Web site for SRC ever going to be used again? Promises have been made, but nothing has been done. Please get it updated and keep it updated. For some people it is the only link they have to the SRC. And last, I only ask that you treat the Speedway Citizen with respect. Give us the benefit of the doubt that we are intelligent beings.Give us correct facts and let us make up our own minds on what we want for our town. It is so unfair that so many citizens have to worry about their jobs, their homes and their businesses.

Erin Myers
5014 West 10th St
Speedway, IN 46224