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Dear Editor,

We would like to thank the town council for the three hour parking limit implemented on Main St. for the weekends prior to the race. We would also like to thank Chief Dine, and the officers who enforced the parking limit, Ricky, Omar, and Tom for their hard work.

On Friday, May 25th, 2007 Main St was closed to traffic at 12 pm for the prep and setup for Rockin On Main. To add insult to injury they then put up a tent in front of our building. At that point our customer flow abruptly stopped. We basically lost revenue for 7 hours. As a small retail business owner we cannot afford to be shut down and lose business. The bills still have to be paid. There was no reason why the tent could not have been put on the east side of Main St where there are no building and no business fronts to block.

The Speedway Town Council and the Redevelopment Commission and the other sponsors of, Rockin-on-Main did our business and the 9 other service and retail businesses a disservice, while promoting only one business on Main.

We advertise locally and in the national antique publications that attract antique shoppers from all over the United States, which in turn brings attention and new people to Speedway and Main St. We are a viable business and intend to be a part of and contribute to the economy of Speedway for a very long time.

We would appreciate consideration be given to all the businesses on Main in the future, we pay property taxes, collect and pay sales taxes. No sales, no taxes collected, no money to pay bills. It's that simple. We are in business to make a living, as are the florist, dog groomers, barbershop, insurance agent, newspaper, alteration shop, doctors, lawyers, and accountants.


Bill & Connie Norton
The Main Attraction Antique Mall