Recent News
Apr 21
Zore's Variance Petition Approved
Planners Look At 30th Street's Image
Apr 18
Mexican Restaurant Coming to Speedway
Feds Say No Go to IndyGo
Apr 17
Storm Water Board Lacks Quorum
'Your ad here' City's New Slogan?
Apr 16
Hoosiers Host Local Tea Party
Traffic Court To Find New Location
Apr 15
Town OKs Kroger Gas Station
Apr 10
Pike Residents Concerned over CIB Problem
Residents Question $1.6 Million Transfer
STA to Apply for Grant
Apr 9
Utilities Complex Status Pending
Verizon Comes To Speedway
Apr 6
LA Filmmaker Has Passion for Property Rights
Apr 4
Wayne Trustee Disputes City Councilor's Comments
Lost Library Material May Cause Restrictions
Apr 3
Developer Questions Redevelopment Plans
Apr 1
Ballard Praises LSAC's Efforts
Mar 30
Eagle Creek Reservoir Gets Green Wall
Mar 29
Included Towns Vulnerable to Consolidation
Redevelopment Spends $2 Million in Q1
Mar 27
Rally Calls for Government Reform
Waterworks Plant to Receive Improvements
Mar 26
Bans Placed on Camping, Parking
Mar 24
Probation Office Vote Delayed
Mar 21
Probation, Juvenile Centers Seen as Obstacles in LSA
Main Street Construction Planned for Year's End
Demographic Study Needed for Housing