Bans Placed on Camping, Parking

(posted Mar 26)

The Speedway Town Council is taking stricter action against certain types of vehicles parking on public streets and alleys. Proposed ordinance 1140 prevents RV and trailer occupants from camping while parked on the street, while ordinance 1141 will prohibit camping and parking in the parks and recreation areas unless otherwise authorized by the parks and recreation board.

Ordinance 1142 will make it unlawful for a person to charge to park on a public street, roadway, alley, or thoroughfare. The fine is $50 per vehicle.

The ordinances passed on first reading at the council's March 23 meeting, with second reading scheduled for April 13. The ordinances were driven by Councilor Jeff Hartman over his concern of overnight parking before the IMS opens its parking lots on Thursday afternoons before the race weekends. Hartman also expressed problems with people charging to park on public streets in 2007.

Town Manager Barbara Lawrence explained the ordinances are designed to prohibit this type of activity year round.

The council voted to reappoint Don Katterhenry, Gerald Hinchman and Mike Uhrick to the cable advisory commission. Former town councilor Dean Farmer was nominated by Councilor Lu Hillmer but was rejected by a one to one vote.

President Eileen Fisher requested the appointment to the economic development commission be delayed until the next meeting since no one has volunteered for the position. Fisher thinks Councilor Gary Raikes may have a recommendation, but was he absent from the meeting.