Storm Water Board Lacks Quorum

(posted 4.17.09)

Speedway's Storm Water Management Board could not conduct any official business due to a lack of quorum at its April 16 meeting. Paul Maves was the only voting board member in attendance. Neither Maves nor Town Manager Barbara Lawrence gave a reason for board member Clint McKay's or council representative Jeff Hartman's absences.

Lawrence said there are several grant opportunities with the State Revolving Fund concerning the Gerrard Allison storm relief project. The State Revolving Fund also provides low interest loans. She said an income-survey is required for Disaster Recovery round two grant applications, adding "We'll be working to make certain this time all of the i's are dotted and t's are crossed" for the June 12th deadline.

The town's pre-application to the Indiana Office of Rural Affairs was rejected because the scope of the income-survey exceeded the benefit area.

A meeting to start final design for the project is scheduled for later this month. Lawrence said the goal is still to start construction for the Gerrard-Allison project this year.

Street Commissioner Wendell Walters informed those in attendance that storm pipes are separating at the intersection of Hollister, Maren and 29th Place. Walters said it is more than just a hole by the storm inlet, blaming the separation on erosion. Walters will be seeking quotes to fix the problem, which is often caused by ground movement causing pipes to separate at the joints. "It's an old system and it's showing its age," he said.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent Norm Berry said the Long Term Control Plan had to be revised because Commonwealth Engineers need to perform additional modeling and flow monitoring of the 72-inch line going down Grande Avenue. He said that IDEM has approved the revised schedule. The plant has to be operational to handle excess storm water by the November 2012 deadline. A citizens advisory committee meeting must be conducted before the end of July. Berry said the preliminary figures are showing that total separation of storm and sewers will be cost effective.