Eagle Creek Reservoir Gets Green Wall

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Excavation for the green wall runs just west of Dandy Trail. When completed, the westside shoulder will retain its original width.

Photo by Jay Thompson
(posted Mar 30)

The low water level at Eagle Creek Reservoir is due to the $1,148,500 erosion control project to stabilize the area between Rick's Boat Yard Cafe and the dam.

Sheila McKinley of Burke Engineering said the project encompasses about 1,500 linear feet.

"The bank itself is failing," she said.

Not only is it a land loss issue, but a water quality issue too. She said the bank is so steep that the root system can't hold vegetation, causing large amounts of sediment to make its way into the reservoir. "Sediment is the number one pollutant in the State of Indiana for our waterways."

The stabilization project (diagram) consists of building a large retaining wall, called a green wall, that will have pockets of soil to hold native plants, shrubs and trees. She said some spruce will be used, even though it is not a native tree. McKinley described the construction difficulty in the area. The bank's slope is two feet in rise for each foot in length, with some areas a one to one slope. The project started in February and should take about 180 days to complete.