requirements of I.C. 36-1-11-4 and I.C. 5-3-1, the Board of Education of
the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township, Marion County,
Indiana (the “Board”), hereby publishes an additional notice, subsequent
to the notice published on October 1, 2007, and October 8, 2007, of its
intent to lease for a term of years with an option to purchase
approximately twenty (20) acres of vacant real property, which is
generally located south of the existing Snacks Crossing Elementary
School in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana 46254. The legal
description for the real estate may be obtained at the Administration
Office of the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township, Marion
County, Indiana (the “School Corporation”), which is located at 6901
Zionsville Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268. The term of any lease will
be at least ten (10) years, and may be subject to renewal for a term of
up to five (5) years; provided, however, the lessee shall have an option
to purchase the property at any time during the lease. The disposition
of the real estate will be conducted under the following terms and
conditions: 1.Bids will be received at the Administration Office of the
School Corporation, which is located at 6901 Zionsville Road,
Indianapolis, Indiana 46268, beginning at 9:00 a.m. (EDT), on November
5, 2007, and should be addressed to the attention of Mr. Raul Rivas,
Director of School Facilities. 2.The offer period will continue through
and including, 4:00 p.m. (EDT), on November 5, 2007, which is no longer
than sixty days. 3.The real estate may not be conveyed to a person who
is ineligible under I.C. 36-1-16 of the Indiana Code. 4.Any bids
submitted by a trust (as defined in I.C. 30-4-1-1(a)) must identify
each: (A)beneficiary of the trust; and (B)settlor empowered to revoke or
modify the trust. 5.Bids may set forth conditions for the disposition,
such as required zoning, soil, or drainage conditions, as a prerequisite
to leasing of the property. 6.The Board reserves the right to reject all
bids. 7.The sale will comply with all other legal statutory
requirements. 8.Bids will only be accepted from a 501(c)(3) organization
which (a) is organized under Indiana law, (b) is organized for the
purpose of promoting the moral, physical, social and mental welfare of
people through recreational and educational activities, (c) has at least
seven facilities operating in Marion County and the contiguous counties,
(d) agrees to enter into a program agreement with the School Corporation
for a term of at least fifteen (15) years in which the bidder would
provide for various wellness, aquatic and education programs for all
ages of the community, including, but not limited to, children, youth
and senior citizens, (e) provides the School Corporation with the right
to approve the design of any facility to be constructed on the property,
such approval to not be unreasonable withheld, and (f) agrees to begin
improving the real property with any such facility within twenty-four
(24) months from the date of execution of the lease. The legal
description, survey description, and plat plan are available at the
administrative offices of the School Corporation, located at 6901
Zionsville Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268, Attention, Mr. Raul Rivas.
Dated this 19th day of October, 2007. METROPOLITAN SCHOOL DISTRICT OF
PIKE TOWNSHIP, MARION COUNTY, INDIANA (S - 10/19, 10/26 - 5010352)