Ballard Quiet on Speedway School Consolidation

(posted 10.15.11)

There is a good chance Speedway residents will not know Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's position on school consolidation for the November election. Leslie Malone, outreach director for Ballard for Mayor, explained he has not taken a position for school consolidation that includes Speedway and Beech Grove.

A September 29th press release from the Marion County Democratic Headquarters stated Republican at-large City County Councilor Barbara Malone favors consolidation.

The news release stated "At the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum just days ago, incumbent Republican Councilor At-Large Barbara Malone announced the Republican Party's support for the consolidation of all school districts in Marion County, including Speedway and Beech Grove."

When asked if Ballard supported Barbara Malone's position, Leslie Malone stated "Long story short, no. He hasn't released a statement about it and he probably won't but I do know he is not in agreement with Ms. Malone's statement."